Privacy statement

This document describes how FlirtTracker processes, stores and handles all data you submit to our service.

Personal data

Limited personal data must be entered during account creation in order for the service to work. Relevant parts of this information (first name, age, picture(s)) is shared with potential flirts. Other information (such as email address) is stored by FlirtTracker confidentially and is used to either contact you or improve matches, but never transferred to any third party (barring a complete takeover of FlirtTracker itself).


By using FlirtTracker you give permission to FlirtTracker to copy, modify, translate or otherwise use any intellectual property you upload to the service until you yourself delete or replace said intellectual property. This includes (but is not limited to) personal data and pictures.

How do we use your personal information?

Your physical data (age, length, gender, sexual orientation) is used to suggest relevant flirts. Your first name, age and picture(s) are shown to potential flirts for consideration. Your email address is only used to notify you (notifications can be muted completely should you wish) and to verify your account.

Location data

Due to the nature of our service, FlirtTracker requests access to your location (if used on a device capable of supplying such information). FlirtTracker only stores your last known location when logged in to the service, and locations of any user-submitted flirts. We do not keep a history of all your locations, ever.

FlirtTracker reserves the right to use your last known location for all purposes associated with our service, now and in the future. In no situation however shall FlirtTracker transfer your location in a way identifiable with your account to any third party (barring a complete takeover of FlirtTracker itself).

Sharing with third parties

In rare cases FlirtTracker must share (limited) personal information with third parties in order to operate the service. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) payment information and location data for displaying maps. In all these cases we'll only share what is absolutely necessary to operate the service.

Should an authorized government agency request any personal information we will of course comply, provided said request is legal. In extreme cases we may also release your personal information if we deem this necessary to protect our own rights, intellectual property etc.

In no way do we sell or share any information that might be used to identify you with any third party for commercial reasons. Any information shared for commercial reasons will be strictly anonymous.

Keep your password to yourself

Never share your password with anyone. FlirtTracker will never ask for your password in any way. Should anyone claiming to be an employee of FlirtTracker ask for your password, politely decline and please report this person to us via abuse AT


We try our very best to secure your information using Best Practices (SSL certificates, firewalls, secure code etc.). Perfect security on the Internet will probably forever remain elusive, but we're giving it our best shot.

Should you suspect a security breach, please report it to us!

Update or remove data

Excepting date of birth and gender, all information supplied by you can be modified by you at any time. If you terminate your account, all information you supplied to us ever will be deleted from our servers.

We do reserve the right to, in rare cases, keep a copy of certain relevant data should relevant laws require us to, or permanently block your email address and/or IP address due to extreme abuse of our service.

If your name used to be Bruce Jenner and you need a sex change, just contact us and we'll do that for you ;) If you made a mistake when entering you birthdate: DUH. Just remove your account and create a new one.

Mmmmm, cookies...

Like almost every website, FlirtTracker needs cookies to operate and also uses a limited amount of third-party cookies. Your browser will allow you to delete all cookies at any time should you wish. You can also block cookies completely, but be advised that our service probably won't work as expected in that case ;)

Required cookies

Two cookies we can't do without:

  1. A session cookie called flirttrackercom. Without this cookie you wouldn't be able to log in! It stays valid until you close your browser, or automatically expires after 45 minutes if you're inactive.
  2. A cookie called cookies that never expires and stores whether you agree to our use of cookies. Yes the law is silly.

Note that these required cookies store no personal data, although obviously your session cookie is linked to your account when logged in (that's what it's for after all...).

Third party cookies

  1. Some functions use Google Maps to operate. Currently Google Maps doesn't set any cookies, although Google may collect statistical anonymous data in other ways (ask them ;)).
  2. If you login using Facebook Connect, Facebook will also set cookies. These are subject to Facebook's privacy statement; see their website for more information. Facebook Connect is offered as a convenience; you can also login to the service directly using email and password.

More information on cookies

There's plenty available online; the article on cookies on Wikipedia is a good place to start. You can also visit to enable or disable cookies for specific parties.

Closing remarks

This document may change without warning at any time, e.g. due to changing legislation, changes in our service or changes in third party tools like Google Maps. You can always check the most recent version here.