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FlirtTracker in general

So, this is a dating app like a million others, right?
Not at all — technically, FlirtTracker isn't even a dating app! Our goal is to match you with people you've already seen or know in real life, but were/are too chicken to actually ask out (we know it's scary).
Will the app record my every movement, like some other location based dating apps?
Nope — we only need your (device's) current location. Of course we also store the locations of flirts and hints, so our advice would be not to do that whilst committing a crime ;)
Will you sell my (location) data to advertisers?
Well, we do need to make money, but we'll never sell any of your personal details (including but not limited to your location) to advertisers. If they want to target you, they'll have to go through us. Or you could subscribe to FlirtTracker Pro; Pro users don't get ads, so obviously literally nothing gets shared (even if we don't share your details with advertisers, they will want to track who clicked on their ads etc. Such is life.)
Do I need a Facebook account to use your service?
Nope, you can create a regular account too. Facebook is just for convenience.
Will you post to my Facebook timeline?
No, never. We believe that flirting should be discrete :)
What happens when I delete my profile?
All information will be gone, forever. No undo. It's safe.
What happens when I delete the app?
You won't have the app :) Your profile is still there.
Can I use my Pro account I got via the app on your website, or vice versa?
Of course!
I noticed your prices in Google Play differ from those in the Apple store?
Could be - Google Play adds VAT where applicable, whilst Apple leaves that to the app itself (prices always include VAT). So it depends on your country.
Are you going to spam me like some other dating sites?
Nope. You can select when you want to receive notifications via mail, but we don't have something like "daily matches" or that kind of nonsense. That's simply not how FlirtTracker works.
I've had the app for a while and have been flirting, but no one's matching :(
You probably need to work on your real life flirting skills, or maybe you're seeing flirts where there aren't any. Or you're just too ugly :)
No, in all seriousness: flirts can only be tracked if the other person is using FlirtTracker as well. You can help spread the word by inviting friends (see the Invite Friends option in the menu when logged in).

Using the platform

How do I track a flirt?
On mobile devices, select "Track your flirts" from the menu and tap the big button there whenever you have a flirt. On your desktop, go to "Manage flirts" to manually add a flirt. This requires that you remember roughly where and when you had it.
What happens when I drop a hint?
Whenever a potential flirt "passes" your hint, they'll get shown the text you entered (not your face yet). If they indicate they think the hint is about them, we'll suggest you to each other as a match. You can still decide to confirm or decline.
I deleted one of my flirts by accident!
Silly you. Sorry, you can't undo that.
Can I upload photos with nudity or other obscenities?
No. FlirtTracker is for all ages so nudity is not allowed (and besides would be rather tasteless anyway), and neither is anything else that might offend people and/or violates the law (e.g. swastikas). Adding those kinds of pics counts as a violation of our terms and could result in non-refundable account termination. The tl;dr: just use pictures of your face and you're good to go.
I'm in a place with no reception! How can I flirt?
That won't work. Carefully note the time and place and add the flirt later on your desktop.
What information I entered do other users see?
Only your name, age and about text. The other information is used internally for our matching algorithm and is never shown.

Making matches

How do you determine my potential flirts?
That's our secret :) Our algoritms try to select the best possible candidate. They're not always going to be right. Just swipe those matches away (you know how that works).
I (65 year old guy) tried to flirt with a 12 year old girl, and I actually saw her press the flirt button too. Why ain't she showing up?
Ew. See, that's that algoritm.
You matched me with a creep!
Well sorry. Swipe them to the left and forget it ever happened. They won't be able to contact you.
I swiped someone right, but (s)he's not showing up in my contacts.
Sorry, not a mutual flirt then. Both parties need to approve the match.
What happens when I remove someone from my contact list?
Exactly what you'd expect: that person will no longer be in your list. The conversation will also be hidden and you two won't be able to message each other any longer. If you ever become contacts again (future flirt) the conversation will be restored.
But when I delete my profile, the conversation's gone, right?
I got matched with what seemed to be a nice person, but they turned out to be creepy and are bugging me. What happens when I report them?
One of our moderators will review the situation and take appropriate action (either give them a stern talking to, or even remove their profile). Of course, our moderators can only see what's happening on FlirtTracker - if you give your phone number and someone starts harassing you there you'll need to contact e.g. your mobile provider. They can help.

Mystery flirt

I have a mystery flirt, now what?
You chat! If you invited them yourselves you'll already be able to see their profile, but maybe you got invited by a mutual friend. In any case, your match won't see your profile (yet). In the anonymous chat you can see if you two like each other enough to reveal your identity. Once both parties are revealed you'll get all the usual options (view profile, video chat etc.).
But they invited me?
In that case the reverse is true — you can't see them but they can see you. You can tell by the avatar in your contact list: if the picture is blurred, the mystery flirt is hidden from you. If the picture has an "eye" icon in it, you are invisible to your match. Mystery flirts with the eye icon will have the "reveal yourself" option in the chat menu.
I added a mystery flirt, but (s)he's not showing up in my contact list! I've waited like, forever!
Like with all flirts on FlirtTracker, two parties need to accept. If a mystery flirt simply isn't interested (maybe because they're already taken?) you're out of luck. Sorry.
I know for sure they accepted!
Like with all flirts on FlirtTracker, we apply our matching algorithm to mystery flirts. If a match is impossible (e.g. a gay with a straight person) nothing happens. If anything changes (e.g. the straight person switches to bi) the match will show up again.
I revealed myself to my mystery flirt, but I still can't see their face?
Again, both parties need to reveal themselves. Presumably they weren't too impressed… again: sorry!

Chatting with matches

Are there any restrictions in the chat? E.g., is it allowed for us to exchange contact data?
No restrictions at all! In fact, if the chat goes so well you guys want to get in touch in real life we're only happy for you. We do advise you to not give out any contact details lightly, and if you decide to meet up with a match you should always do so in a public place with other people present, and maybe even bring a friend the first time. Better safe than sorry. This advice is true for any dating-like app.
All those emoji! How can I search?
Every emoji is identified by a unique code enclosed in semicolons, e.g. 😁 can also be represented as :grin: (hint: you can also type these codes directly instead of having to choose from a list). Of course, this is software, so the codes are all in English. Hence, you'll need to search for English terms (sorry about that).
The video chat isn't working!
Video chatting is based on WebRTC, a very young technology. It might take a few attempts to establish a connection; it works through peer-to-peer communication. Also, older devices may just not support it.
So using the video chat we can hear and see each other, but I don't have to give out my phone number?
Correct. It's a safe way of getting to know your flirt better.